• Design, manufacture, installation, commissioning service for full and part projects.

  • Can be carried out by our experienced team of engineers.

  • Maintenance to suit all your requirements.

  • Installation of new existing or second user plant carried out

  • Project engineered to latest regulations and safety remits

    We offer competitive bespoke services for the design, manufacture, installation, commissioning and maintenance of mixing and batching systems.

    Manufacturing and maintenance capabilities, with design, installation and commissioning services. Over many years we have built up a dedicated team of experienced personnel covering design, electronics, welding, fabrication, fitting and maintenance services.

    To give our clients the best possible service

    We offer competitive bespoke services for the design, manufacture, installation, commissioning maintenance and spares of all mixing and batching systems  


     Weighing systems

    These can be configured for Manual and/or automatic operation. And are configured to achieve the optimum accuracy & batching times.

     Plant systems

    Bespoke batching plants designed, manufactured, installed and commissioned to customer requirements.   

    Full Systems and Part Plant additions / upgrades

     Feed systems

    Conveyor feeders used for both input of raw materials and transfer of product.. Both horizontal and incline, Can be Static , Radial, Transfer, Reversing etc. Fixed, Dual or Variable speed.

    Our Aim

  • All Silo management equipment, Filters, Under/Over pressure relief valves, High and Low level switches, Fluidization cones, Butterfly doors ect.

  • All conveyor equipment, Transom's, Return idlers, Drive and Tail Drums.

  • All types of Weighers, Load cells, Vessels etc. 

  • Mixer spares, Wear parts, gearboxes etc.

  • Water pumps, Flow meters, Filters ect.

  • Safety interlock systems.

  • Systems can be designed, built, installed and commissioned for all types of weighing (single or multiple weighment's using the latest and most accurate  units.

  • Systems are designed to suit the customer / application and can be either forward or loss in weight. 

  • Wet & Dry leg Truck Mix.

  • Brick, Block.

  • Wet & Dry Cast

  • Powder Mixing & Blending.

  • Forward or Loss in Weight Systems.

  • Vibratory tray feeders can be used on most materials and for small quantity's.

  • Screw feeders on powder handling i.e. Cement, fine sand etc. 

  • Screw feeders to mixer, weigh bins etc. Clean sealed units, Flexible or ridged types supplied and fitted